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The Sign of Three

So I haven't managed to post my thoughts on The Empty Hearse yet (they are complex, being mostly squee but with some caveats), and I need to go to sleep rather than writing a full post on The Sign of Three, but I have some preliminary things I must say about it.

[Spoilers, Spoilers, Spoilers]
1b. Like, A LOT.

1c.  Seriously, my face hurts from smiling.

2.  Sherlock, John, and Mary, you can so all three dance together!  Just ask Captain Jack Harkness!

2b.  Sherlock made a vow to John and Mary.  John referred to Mary and Sherlock as the "two people that I love and care about most in the world." Sherlock appears to have been as involved in the wedding planning as John, maybe more so.  In the few months since Sherlock's return, Mary appears to have attained a level of closeness with him that most non-John people can't reach in years.  They are all three so very married, for all that the legal vows only cover two of them.

2c.  I need all the John/Mary/Sherlock OT3 fic, preferably right now before whatever happens next week josses it.

2d.  I would also gladly accept John/Mary/Sherlock/Molly OT4, because really, do any of us care about Tom "Meat Knife" the Fiance?  (Even if he is giving Molly a lot of good sex.)  And did you see that Sherlock/Molly kiss in the first few minutes of TEH?   Hot damn.

3.  Oh god, why are they doing a pregnancy plotline?  Did they have to default to giving the excellent new female character a storyline centered around her womb?  I blame Moffat.  (OK, that was my only bit of non-squee.)  (I hope you all appreciate that I made this item #3.)

4.  Ballet!lock is pretty much canon, WTF, this is beautiful.

5.  Mycroft hates leg work, but here we see him literally working his legs.  And they're good legs too!

5b.  I was hoping Mycroft would make it to the wedding, it would have been amazing.  I bet a lot of Mystrade shippers were hoping so too, because that would have put their pairing in an actual scene together.  Tough luck, Mystrade shippers.

6.  I don't know whether to be annoyed at not seeing Harry Watson or pleased that headcanons remain undisturbed.

7.  Sherlock was trying so hard to be a good friend to John, even when he doesn't like the social tradition of weddings and is terrified of losing John.   His best man speech was GLORIOUS.  It was utterly Sherlock yet also deeply sweet.  He might have chosen a fucking awful way to announce his return last episode, but he has clearly gained a ton of emotional maturity.

8.  There were some cases and stuff too, I guess.  I am happy that the palace guard survived the attempted murder.  He seemed nice, and he was definitely hot.

9.  Oh god, Sherlock's attempt to deduce while very, very drunk.  Over the top, but I don't give a fuck.  It was fantastic.

10.  I think I may have gotten a new tooth cavity from the child glomping onto Sherlock.  My headcanon is that the sample of kids we've seen react to Sherlock is pretty representative:  50% are utterly terrified, and 50% think he is the coolest thing ever and adore him.

11.  Yay, Sally Donovan was in this episode!  Also, there was a tiny speechless (and topless) cameo by Irene!

12.  Mrs. Hudson backstory, huzzah!

13.  Everybody is together and happy and life is beautiful. Even if Mr. Drama Queen felt that a two minute period during which nobody was talking to him meant that he was unwanted and ought to sneak off, overall this was super happy. I don't know what's happening next week, but it's going to be shattering, isn't it? Well, fuck.

That was way more post than I intended to write.  Oh well.  Sleep can happen any time.  New Sherlock episodes are rare and important.


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Jan. 7th, 2014 02:16 am (UTC)
I loved this episode. Usually the second episode is the weakest of the three, but this one just had everything in spades. Drunk!Sherlock was certainly the best part, though. :-D If we could have whole episodes with drunk Sherlock and John, that would be awesome.

3. Oh god, why are they doing a pregnancy plotline? Did they have to default to giving the excellent new female character a storyline centered around her womb? I blame Moffat.

Excellent point. Though, at the same time, it'd be hilarious to see Sherlock babysitting baby Watson. Or maybe that's just me.
Jan. 7th, 2014 06:08 am (UTC)
While quite often trilogies have the second installment as the weakest, I feel like in both S2 and S3 of Sherlock the second episodes have been strong. This one was just packed full of all the things that I love.

Sherlock babysitting a mini Watson would be funny, but I feel like it would be really predictable humor. Personally, I think it's really better left to fanfic. Also, considering the canon, I feel that this is far more likely to end in tears than humor.
Jan. 7th, 2014 04:45 am (UTC)
I AGREE. I LOVED THIS EPISODE SO MUCH. UGH SO CUTE SO OT3. Like okay totally believing that Sherlock and John have not realised they are threeway married but Mary is like "Oh yeah, we are all married" and is just going to trick the two dunces into realising it and thinking it was their idea all along. I fucking love her.

I worry that the pregnancy plotline means Mary is going to die like, next episode, in case the show is scared of having an actual baby involved. Like, they just made her pregnant to make her death more ~tragic~. I am pretty sure that they are going to fridge Mary (UGH NO THEY CAN'T but THEY SO WILL) and then use the books to justify the choice. "It's not misogynistic if it's in the canon! That she dies maybe or maybe not and it's never explained!"

I hope to be surprised. If I am wrong I will be the happiest cupcake in the world. But I don't think I'm wrong.

At least if it happens there will be lots of Nobody Dies fanfiction for consolation.

Jan. 7th, 2014 06:46 am (UTC)
Like okay totally believing that Sherlock and John have not realised they are threeway married but Mary is like "Oh yeah, we are all married" and is just going to trick the two dunces into realising it and thinking it was their idea all along. I fucking love her.

YES! There's this really excellent post I saw on tumblr (currently in my queue over there) that says of Mary "She gave these two men what death and resurrection could not. The space and the security to say I love you to each other. Talk about your conductor of light." There is a world of difference between their ability to be emotionally open with each other between last ep and this one, and what has changed?

Time, having the stuff they finally said in The Empty Hearse off their chests, and Mary Morstan as a part of their relationship. I think the last element is crucial.

Mary's death in the canon has meant that her death in the show has always been pretty likely (though I would be ECSTATIC) to be proven wrong about that). But you're right that the pregnancy moves up the timeline for when it's likely to happen. John having a baby would mess with the formula of the show too much for them to be likely to let things progress into domesticity, and killing off a woman is way more acceptable as a tv storyline than killing off a baby. Ugh.

I feel vaguely awful for the fact that I'm hoping for a miscarriage due to whatever shit hits the fan in the next ep, but I suspect the show isn't likely to have Sherlock be wrong about Mary's pregnancy, and the alternative stories from here are even worse. (Because god forbid Mary and John decide that they don't actually want a baby and terminate the pregnancy quietly and largely without regret.)

At least if it happens there will be lots of Nobody Dies fanfiction for consolation.

Excellent point. We'll always have fanfic! And I have faith that "The Sign of Three" will spawn fanfic as glorious as the ep was.
Jan. 12th, 2014 09:42 pm (UTC)
non-John people

I absolutely love seeing so much of Molly in S3! That first kiss was just glorious! I'm glad it hasn't actually happened, but oh god, that was insanely hot! And the rest of Sherlock's interaction with her was so good too. There's so much subtlety and tiny details (like facial expressions, choice of clothes, taking notes, making her own deductions...) when she was stepping in for John that I'm still discovering during rewatches.

I could not believe the little Mystrade moment! I actually totally missed it the first time around! I realized Sherlock mentioned something about Mycroft while talking about ways to kill Greg, but I didn't want to stop and rewind, and during the second time I watched the ep, I was like whoa! I've actually never read a single Mystrade fic and never cared for the pairing, but with all this talk about sad lonely Mycroft (who I love so much!) and those lovely bits with Greg at the wedding, I certainly wouldn't be opposed to reading a fic or two ;)

pleased that headcanons remain undisturbed
Probably the second one. I read far too many fics featuring their mom to be able to accept her to look and act like what we've seen on the actual show :p Although the "Promise!" and pat on the cheek bit was sooooo adorable!!

He seemed nice, and he was definitely hot.
Heh, agreed ;)

New Sherlock episodes are rare and important.
I can not believe we're just hours away from another long, long hiatus :/
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