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Somewhere Different Now

This could be a little more sonic

2 August
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I've been a total geek since my father read The Lord of the Rings aloud to me at the age of six. My once and future fandom is Doctor Who. I try to stay low drama regarding character and ship arguments, as all Doctors and companions are awesome in some way, but I do have special places in my heart for Nine, Donna, Rose, and various permutations of Doctor/Rose/Jack. Sometimes I squee like a twelve year-old, and sometimes I like intelligent critiques, and I'll often do both about the same show.

My other chief fandom obsessions are the BBC's Sherlock and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Sherlock, I ship both Sherlock/John and Sherlock/John/Mary, and I will defend Mary Morstan tooth and nail. Molly Hooper is the biggest BAMF on the show. While Cumberbatch and Freeman are my favorite Holmes and Watson, I also adore many other versions of the character, including the original canon, the RDJ movies, Granada, Russian Holmes, Elementary, and Laurie King's Mary Russell novels.

In the MCU, I could not choose a favorite character if my life depended on it because I just love all the Avengers and most of the supporting cast so damn much. I am a multishipper, but I have a special place in my heart for Natasha/Clint, Steve/Bucky, Tony/Pepper, Darcy Lewis/nearly anyone you choose to pair her with, Fitz/Mack, and Peggy Carter/hitting men in the face with hefty objects.

Other fandoms I've dabbled in include Marvel comics, Welcome to Night Vale, Whedonverse, Torchwood, Sleepy Hollow, and Star Trek. I'll talk about whatever I've been watching or reading lately.

In the real world, I'm an environmental educator currently located in California. In the language of the internet, im in ur woodz teeching ur kidz. I love biology, literature, pirate jokes, and caffeine. I lean to the left politically, and I talk about it.

Mostly, though, I talk about geeky things. Sometimes I write fanfic, but I tend to write at a geologic pace, so please be patient.

Podfic policy: On the off chance anybody feels like recording a podfic of one of my stories, go ahead. Just send me a link when you're done.

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